Jairus, Luke 8:40 – 55

This man has always had my sympathies. He battles his way through the crowd to get to Jesus. If he hadn’t been the leader of the synagogue, he never would have made it to the front of the line – obviously rank has its privileges. Jairus literally begs Jesus to help and halleluiah, Jesus agrees. Think of the relief that Jairus is feeling at that moment. It is going to be OK now, the healer is coming with me. Maybe my daughter will be healed.

And what happens next? Jesus stops and talks to a random woman in the crowd, some crazy unclean woman who apparently touched his coat. Good heavens, Man, there are 500 people in this crowd probably touching you and oh, yes, my daughter is DYING! Can we please get a move on?!? But Jesus is in no hurry and Jairus must have been so frustrated. While Jairus may command a synagogue, he has no control over this itinerant miracle worker.

Then Jairus’ worst fear is confirmed – it is too late. Your daughter is dead. Think of all the emotions – pain, guilt, anger, frustration. At this precise moment, Jesus gives Jairus his full attention. “Do not fear. Only believe.” (Luke 8:50).

Control. It is such an illusion to think we have control over our lives. To get control we need God to be on our schedule because we ‘know’ the way things need to work out. We ‘know’ what should happen and the order it should happen in. If God would only get with our program. At times, when we need God the most, it may feel like God is distracted with other concerns because we aren’t getting the attention we need. It is scary to finally realize that like Jairus, we have no control over the Divine miracle worker. But we are God’s children – God cares for us infinitely more than Jairus cared about his daughter. When our frustration is at an all-time high and our pain or guilt seems overwhelming, we need to listen so we can hear God says, “Do not fear. Only believe. I am with you always, to the close of the age.” Matt 28:20.

What situation in our lives today is making us feel pain, guilt, anger, or frustration? Take a moment to hear God’s voice – “Do not fear. Only believe, my child. You will be saved.”