Young Boy, John 6:1-14

I have been fighting with this devotion all day. I did not want to give in and seem like I was a ‘there aren’t any miracles that can’t’ be explained’ groupie. The feeding of the 5,000 is only miracle story that happens in all four Gospels so it is too important to dismiss. I believe in miracles, and mystery, and awe but God wanted this devotion to go a different way. So here we go.

Obviously, we have a tough situation. Jesus has been teaching and the crowd hasn’t moved; they are willing to keep listening as long as he will keep talking. But the human condition kicks in and they want more than just spiritual food. Jesus has filled their minds with words and wisdom, but these folks desperately need something in their stomachs. After checking one available resource, that of the young boy, Andrew states unequivocally that there is no way that this is going to work. Too much of a need; too few resources. End of sentence.

Boy, we know that feeling all too well. We probably feel that way about many of the situations in our lives and our world today. Much like the 2 fishes and 5 loaves, we don’t have enough to meet our own needs, much less tackle the needs of 4,999 others. Once again, we need to be reminded that in the hands of Jesus, little becomes much, and a few can become the many. And when Jesus is involved, there is usually extra to spare (think water to wine with tons left over). But to make the overflow happen, we all must play our part. We may have to be the first to step up but when we do, we will not find ourselves standing solo for long.

Maybe that is how this miracle occurred; that after the young boy offered his meager meal, that others had the confidence to offer their meager portions as well. When everyone pulled their resources together, there was plenty for all and even some to spare. And that’s OK. Take confidence that God is still working miracles – through us!