Malchus, Luke 22:47-53

Well, I learned something new! I could not figure out how the author knew the name of the high priest’s servant – I had never heard it before. But it is given to us in John’s version of the story (John 18). Imagine what it was going to be like in the high priest’s household – now someone there has been miraculous healed by this evil villain Jesus. I bet that will cause some tension when the servants talk among themselves at night.

Ever wondered why Jesus was betrayed with a kiss – a ultimate sign of affection? In those days, everyone from the country literally looked alike. All the men had long hair and beards, and their many layers of clothing were basically the same color. When Jesus was in a crowd, and he always was, you couldn’t tell which one he was. Someone had to identify him to the soldiers and so Judas does it with a kiss. It is the beginning of the end, and a new beginning.

We are so close to the end now. Just really one day away from Jesus’ crucifixion. What have we learned on this journey together? What has touched you about the people that we’ve encountered? Have these encounters changed us like Malchus has been changed? We only have three more days.