John 1:35-42, Andrew

In Matthew, Mark and Luke’s gospels, we find Andrew with his brother Peter fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Jesus walks by and says those famous words, “Follow me!” Both brothers respond to the Jesus’ call but for some reason Peter is always mentioned first. In fact, Peter is usually given credit for being the first to respond to Jesus’ questions and the first to initiate a plan of action – as if Jesus needed the help. Maybe Peter was the older of the two and that is one of the reasons that the first three gospels give him the lion’s share of the attention. But not so in John’s gospel.

In John’s gospel, it is Andrew, not Peter that takes the first step of faith. Andrew was studying with John the Baptist when he saw Jesus and becomes the very first to follow Jesus. In John’s gospel, it is Andrew who gets Peter involved and it is Andrew who seems to be the voice of authority on several occasions.

How many times in life do we feel we are playing second fiddle to someone or something that may be getting the lion’s share of attention? A sibling, a co-worker or neighbor, maybe someone at school or on the field? It is hard, at least for me, not to want to stand up and claim the attention that we (or a loved one) deserve but that is not our job. We don’t ever have to prove our worth or compete with others for attention and favor, especially not from God. We all have a VIP ticket the banquet table.

Maybe our job during this Lenten season is to find the ‘Andrews’ that God has placed in our lives and give them the attention and accolades they deserve but are not getting. Maybe, like the author of the gospel of John, we are called to rewrite history so that the folks that others often overlook are brought into their own winner’s circle.

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