Thornwell – “I Had No Idea”

Thornwell – “I Had No Idea”:
More than a Residential Program; More than the Building Families Program!

For 142 years, Thornwell has cared for abandoned, neglected and abused children in the residential program in Clinton, SC. But did you know that Thornwell’s ministry includes a number of programs that provides for children and families in need? Like the Building Families Program hosted at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church? Or the Teen Mom’s Cottage that opens in October on Thornwell’s campus?

“I Had No Idea!”
We know! So that’s why we are traveling around Florida sharing the good news of even MORE programs that are coming to Thornwell to meet the needs of children and families. Come learn more at an “I Had No Idea” tour Thursday, September 14, 12-1 pm (lunch provided) or 6-7 pm (dinner provided) by signing up at the church or by contacting Jean at 407-900- 5743,! We hope to see you there!