What is a Labyrinth?

What is a Labyrinth?
By Bradley Evans

A labyrinth in a spiral walking course having a single winding unobstructed path from the outside to the center. Unlike a maze that can be confusing and disorienting, a labyrinth calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Labyrinths have been used by many cultures throughout history. In the Middle Ages, labyrinths began appearing in churches across Europe and functioned as a symbolic substitute for making a physical pilgrimage to the holy land.

A labyrinth is a powerful tool to help the mind and body relax and can help release mental and physical tension. For people who find it difficult to sit still and meditate, the labyrinth offers a perfect outlet through walking meditation. It can be a quiet place of spiritual nourishment not readily available in our normal day-to-day existence.

Come give it a try at our church campus. The labyrinth is located on the lawn in front of our sanctuary at 709 W. Linebaugh Avenue.